Impaco Servicе Group
will help you conclude a contract with a seller of petroleum products!

We have been working for a long time with international companies supplying global petroleum products with manufacturer's certificates (COOs): Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Oman, Shell, and for certain countries - from the Russian Federation.
Our suppliers can offer the following petroleum products for delivery on FOB port of Rotterdam or CIF port of Fujairah, U.A.E:

Diesel Oil
EN 590

Jet Kerosene
Jet A1

We cooperate only with trusted suppliers who work according to procedures close to standard once.
You can always be sure that you will get the optimal prices for petroleum products.
Despite the large number of proposals for the sale of petrolium products on the market it is diffucult to find a worthy one that meets your criteria.
To avoid difficulties in finding a supplier contact Impaco Service Group! Our team will promptly find the right oil products to meet your criteria.

Impaco Service Group